• Card G-10, Nuova Cosmatex / Monteleone Group
  • Card G-10, Nuova Cosmatex / Monteleone Group
  • Card G-10, Nuova Cosmatex / Monteleone Group
The above carding set, made in working width 750mm, 900mm and 1000mm, is able to process small lot of fibers, minimum 10/15 kgs. and reaches the same yarn quality standards as a normal production carding set. It is easy and quick to clean and allow making several changes in fibers colour. It has been studied to reach a great flexibility and it is easy to adjust it. In particular:
  • the new electronic hopper feeder is equipped with n.3 inverters and an up-dated computer system which allow automatic adjusting of the weight in order to reach a great feeding precision;
  • the underground broad band feed has been studied in order to achieve all the possibility of variation of the overlapped web in a very easy way;
  • the feeding group of each carding group has been studied in order to reduce as much as possible the “triangle” space and it is suitable to process very fine yarn count;
  • the driving system of the carding set is extremely flexible as all the motors are driven with an inverter and the variators are driven by the electrical panel;
  • the condenser is equipped with several variators that allow fine adjustment of the web, from the final doffer to the calendar rollers and condenser tapes, then from condenser tape to rubbing aprons and then from rubbing aprons to the superframe;
  • the flexible and metallic card clothing have a special shape, finishing way and density that allow to process various fibers and very fine yarn count.